About Us

1 Who created the agency ?

The agency was founded by Fahad Atarji after submitting his resignation from one of the leading companies in transportation services, and he is at the end of his studies in the major - Advertising Management - at the College of Advertising in Jeddah - University of Business and Technology.

2 When Fahad started his trade career?

Fahad started his trade career 7 years ago at the age of fifteen, and he progressed greatly. Diversity in trade and achieved high voice and profits in e-commerce trading and activities of the Makkah region, with the grace and passion of God.

3 When did Fahad discover that he had talents?

In his last job, he discovered he had the talents to study projects, analyze, evaluate, communicate, and achieve customer satisfaction. Therefore, he decided to start his own work with the help of his classmate Rozan Bawazir from the Advertising College, Advertising Communication Department, and one of his cousins ​​Eng. Manal Al-Najjar and some friends to implement some tasks to progress faster according to his plan. Fahad continues his career today, he completes his career today with his success partner mate, and by joining a digital marketing agency and an advertising agency to become skit Group.

4 Who is Co-founder | Yaman Al-Masry ?

Co-founder / Yaman Al-Masry, passionate about marketing studies, surveying, and project management. He joined FIFTEEN as a student at the University of Business and Technology - College of Business Administration majoring in Marketing. Yaman played the role of project management and internal organization to enable Fahd to devote himself to covering external matters and communicating.